May 23, 2017 (Edmonton) – The NDP’s haphazard dismantling of Alberta’s electricity system has already cost billions, and Bill 16 means billions more in losses will be covered by taxpayers, says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

“The NDP are not giving us enough information so we can fully represent Albertan’s interests,” said Clark. “This continues to happen time and time again with this government. They are cutting a blank cheque and either don’t know what the cost will be for Albertans, or refuse to share that information with the public.”

“What we had was working fine. If they wanted to phase out coal, the NDs could have done this in a way that didn’t cost Albertans billions of dollars. Instead of taking the time to get it right, they are reacting to an experiment as it goes along. They don’t understand the unintended and intended consequences of their own legislation.”

“The NDP seem to think that the Climate Leadership Plan money is infinite, and are trying to bribe Albertans with their own money. Instead of using the carbon tax money for real, substantial innovation they are choosing to further complicate a harmful situation they themselves created.”

“The NDP got it wrong from the start, and Bill 16 does nothing to fix their mistakes.”

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