February 27, 2017 (Edmonton) – Alberta is on an unsustainable fiscal path that risks our future prosperity and bold action is required to put our province back on track, says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

“As the downturn moves into its third year Alberta is at a crossroads,” said Clark. “We can no longer afford to avoid difficult conversations or to rule anything out, even if it’s politically unpopular. All options should be on the table.

” The Pathways to Prosperity plan lays out three pathways.

“The NDP path never balances, resulting in perpetual deficits and unsustainable debt,” said Clark. “At the same time, the right-wing Wildrose path devastates public services and shifts the financial deficit to a human and infrastructure deficit.” “I think there’s a better path, but to get there we need to consider all options and most importantly, ask Albertans what they think along the way.”

Clark’s plan includes the following:

  • Constrain government spending without cutting frontline services
  • Cap use of non-renewable resource revenues at $3 billion annually; excess towards debt repayment, capital funding, and the Heritage Savings Trust Fund
  • Freeze public sector wages
  • Continue strong capital investment with priority on projects that can be deployed quickly
  • A revenue-neutral carbon tax through cuts to personal, corporate and small business tax
  • Carbon tax rebates at actual cost for the lowest third of income brackets
  • Engage Albertans and examine ways to reform the tax system to be efficient and create an attractive investment climate; evaluate revenue options that provide stable funding to core public services in good times and bad

“Alberta can once again become a vibrant province that attracts people from all over the country and around the world. We can have a robust economy, efficient government, clean environment, innovative education and healthcare systems, a great quality of life, and a community that values diversity. We can continue to have a world-leading energy industry while also taking a step into the next economy. “All of this is possible if we’re willing to think differently. It’s time for Albertans to do what we’ve always done; ask difficult questions and not be afraid of the answers.”

Clark will conduct a spring tour to hear from Albertans on what options they think are best to ensure we have the most effective government funded in the most efficient way possible.

Please click here for the Pathways to Prosperity document.

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