The Alberta Party Caucus 2015-2016 Alternative Budget may be found here.

The Alberta Party Caucus values fiscal responsibility. We believe that government must use public dollars as effectively and efficiently as possible. The government should balance the books and set aside money for a rainy day. This is best accomplished through long-term planning, common sense and transparency. The Alberta Party Caucus would balance the budget in fiscal 2018/19 by controlling operational costs while investing in badly-needed infrastructure and providing the front-line services Albertans need. The Alberta Party Caucus 2015-2016 Shadow Budget may be found here.

The Alberta Party Caucus believes our province must borrow to build while interest rates are low. However, it is vital there is a clear description of the benefits of each infrastructure project, including job creation details and economic impact. The Alberta Party Caucus calls on the government to release the delayed infrastructure sunshine list.

As well, capital spending should be realistic and reflect the environment Alberta is in.  The Alberta Party Caucus is committed to a realistic capital plan which can actually be deployed to the areas of greatest need.

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