There is a better way to balance the budget that doesn’t burden future generations with unsustainable debt loads while still investing in infrastructure and preserving front-line services, says Alberta Party Caucus leader Greg Clark.

The detailed Alberta Party Caucus shadow budget can be found here.

“Alberta’s budget crisis means the government needs to make responsible choices,” said Clark. “Unfortunately the Government took the easy way out by putting off hard decisions into the future, and we know the Official Opposition would make major cuts that would impact front-line public services.

“I think there’s a better way.”

The Alberta Party Caucus shadow budget would:

  • Balance in four years
  • Accommodate for population growth
  • Use more conservative resource revenue forecasts than the government
  • Freeze, but not roll back, public sector salaries
  • Work closely with Alberta’s public servants to find significant cost savings and improve service delivery
  • Gradually bring Alberta’s per-capita spending in line with the national average
  • Cut small business tax to 2%, implement an investor tax credit
  • Implement a transition plan to make the carbon tax truly revenue neutral


The detailed Alberta Party Caucus shadow budget can be found here.

Edited April 18, 2016

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