Albertans are proud Canadians, and have been willing and productive partners in confederation.

However, many Albertans are beginning to seriously question whether that same spirit of partnership exists in Ottawa. Successive federal governments have shown that they take the economic contributions of our province for granted. Federal policies have begun to weigh down the Alberta economy, and the equalization payments that were provided to other provinces in hard times aren’t coming to Alberta in our time of need. This needs to stop.

Equalization Payments

Federal Transfer and Equalization payments to provinces come from our federal income taxes, most of which is collected from Alberta’s middle class families, not from the wealthy. We’re paying for services in other provinces, before we can pay for essentials like health and education here in Alberta. We’re proud that the hard work done to develop our natural resources supported other provinces in their times of need, but we’d also appreciate help during an extended recession.

Equalization needs to be more responsive to today’s reality and economy, the formula needs updating and the fairness of the program needs to be examined.

The current and previous Prime Ministers had the power to fix Equalization, but both chose not to.

Carbon Tax

Climate change is real and needs to be addressed, but we need to know that policies to address climate change have to work for everyday Albertans. When the carbon tax was introduced Albertans were assured that the economic windfall from pipelines would make up for the economic pain of a carbon tax.

To date, no pipeline has been built. The federal government has failed to deliver on its promise of a pipeline to tidewater in exchange for a provincial carbon tax. The provincial government continues to collect a carbon tax from a province that can hardly afford it, collecting $2 billion from Albertans during a recession, without securing a pipeline to tidewater.

Sign up if you support the Alberta Party Caucus in saying Albertans shouldn’t have to keep paying for a climate plan that isn’t delivering on its promises.

I stand with the Alberta Party Caucus:

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