September 28, 2018 (Calgary) – Calgary-Elbow MLA Greg Clark has written to the Minister responsible for the Springbank Off-stream Reservoir project (SR1) calling on the government to ensure they undertake comprehensive, two-way consultation with Indigenous peoples.

The letter is available here.

“The Trans Mountain and Northern Gateway rulings have shown that the courts have rightly set a high standard for consultation, demanding a ‘meaningful, two-way dialogue’ between project proponents and Indigenous people,” said Clark. “This is also the focus of the federal regulator’s process.

“I’m asking the provincial government for assurances that this standard will be met or exceeded.”

Clark noted the importance of the Springbank project.

“It’s been more than five years since the biggest natural disaster to strike southern Alberta,” said Clark. “Five people lost their lives and over 100,000 people were directly impacted at a cost to taxpayers of $6 billion.

“There have been too many delays already; the government must do what it can to move forward on this project.”

Clark said SR1 is the right project to protect Calgary and downstream communities.

“Study after study has shown that this is the most effective and least expensive way to protect downtown Calgary, taxpayer-funded infrastructure, homes and businesses,” said Clark. “Given what’s at stake, it’s vital that consultation is done properly so Indigenous people have the opportunity to offer their perspective and for the province to ensure that any potential impacts are addressed.”

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Greg Clark

MLA, Calgary-Elbow

(403) 252-0346

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